Connecting to the wisdom of the unfolding earth

and thereby nourishing our relationship with ourselves, one another and nature



In a time where (our) life on earth is increasingly challenged by our way of being and needed changes seem to be beyond individual scope and capacity we would like to invite you to pause for a moment.

For a moment of listening, of re-seeing and of re-connecting – to us, each other and the wisdoms we hold and are surrounded by.


Because we strongly believe that each of us has the power and intrinsic knowledge for changing the world. By changing our narratives. Or rather re-connecting us to those narratives that have been lost, predominated or too soft to be heard in recent decades. Those that hold dear our belonging and relationships and that are lush with stories of all the species of the world. And their wisdom.


Therefore, we would be thrilled to have you with us during those 2,5 days and our offer of cycles of movement, (indigenous) story listening and narrative work while being in and tapping into the presence and beauty of nature surrounding us.


The retreat will be hosted by Christa Cocciole and myself. Find more details in the PDF below.


For more information and to register please send an email to: