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A story harvest

A narrative workshop with partners, multipliers, key people or communities you work with

8 – 10 people / 3,5 hours

As impact unfolds change also becomes visible in the stories people tell. For half a day you will (virtually) sit with the people you work with and for – and with your stories.

Stories about changes you witnessed in your daily lifes and realities. It might be a moment, a thought, a conversation, a reaction you experienced, with yourself or others, seemingly big or small, but for sure something that mattered to you.

As a group, you will support each other in finding those stories and be tellers and listeners at the same time. Since the stories depict moments of change along an aspired transformation, they will also be important resources to reaffirm, encourage and guide you on your way.

My task will be to set the scene and to guide you in finding and sharing those stories of change.