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Understanding impact through narratives

An introduction for peace practitioners involved in PM&E

4 – 6 people / 1 day

We think, act and feel in stories. This is the basic assumption from narrative psychology and the origin for introducing stories in monitoring. As they will tell you if change is happening – for the people.

Contrary to asking them for descriptions, facts and numbers in order to capture the unfolding of your work, the narrative paradigm is seeking to hear about peoples experience. An experience that is always situated in their social context and always reflects what matters most to them – and how they look at their world and understand it.

The workshop will combine input, individual reflections, group work and story circles. You will gain first insights into the narrative paradigm, detect what stories have to do with change and learn about a format you can use to capture them.

My task will be to provide you with some theoretical background, combine this background with first experiences in story telling and story listening and guide you in preparing a narrative workshop.